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Contact GPS 3 Mini

Contact GPS 3 Mini

Excellent choice for smaller dogs.

Contact GPS 3 Mini is designed to fit even smaller dogs. It shares the same functionality as Contact GPS 3, but it has a smaller batteri and weighs only 100 grams.

Despite it's small size the battery lasts for up to 24 hours using 5 seconds positioning interval or up to 2.5 days using 1 minute positioning interval.


Secure your boat today

Avoid adding to the statistics.

More than 1 boat every four hours is stolen in Sweden. Boats for more than 25 million euros are stolen each year, and the trend is growing.

Earlier the coastal regions have been the most targeted areas, but lately the trend has shifted towards the smaller lakes as well. Often criminal gangs are behind the thefts.


Contact GPS 3 - Security for your dog

Using Contact GPS 3 you always know where your dog is. The range is unlimited provided there is GSM reception in the area.

Follow your dog, your hunting buddies and their dogs using the Contact GPS application on your phone. Maps are automatically downloaded for the area you are in and you can choose between terrain, hybrid or satellite maps from Google or Metria (Sweden). The integrated radio beacon is available as a backup, should GSM reception be missing.


Let your friends and family follow you on your hike

Bring your Contact GPS 3 with you on your trip or hike. Security for you and fun for your friends and loved ones.

Should an accident happen, your family and friends know exactly where you are. You can also retrace your route to see where you have been.


One device with many possible uses

Regardless if you want to use the device for theft protection, tracking or surveillance - Contact GPS 3 is the right choice for you.

Theft protection

Protect your valuable property such as cars, motorcycles, snowmobiles or ATVs against theft.


Use the "listen-in"-function for surveillance.

Dog tracker

Using Contact GPS 3 you can follow your dog during the hunt.

Choose a subscription that suits your needs

Up or downgrade your subscription as you see fit. Only pay for the features you need.

Free friends login

Let your friends, family or hunting buddies follow you.

Wireless charging

Contact GPS 3 needs no charging cables - just place the unit on the supplied charging station.

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